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Our Objective

To increase overall internet visibility of and interest in your web site by enhancing and improving search rankings on various internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Designing and wording your website so as to bring it as near #1 as possible when someone searches for your particular product or service.

The vast majority of people who seek products or services will rarely go beyond the first or second page of search engine results unless they are looking for something very specific. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to be in the top 10 or (maximum) 20 results for a given search phrase.

The results returned by search engines are determined from a database created by what are called bots (short for “robots”), computer programs which automatically scan the internet on a regular basis looking for the most important, visible and relevant words on each and every website. The bots increase efficiency by first looking at the Title and Description of the site (not visible). Then they look at Keywords in the heading (not visible). The bot then seeks the occurrence of these various words in the visible text. If the words appear in the text they are ranked by frequency and importance (as determined by the size of type used). The next thing the bot catalogues is the importance of the site itself based on total visits and links to and, more importantly, from other sites, particularly high traffic sites. All of these factors are used to determine where in the results that a particular site will appear. Essentially it boils down to the relevance of the site to the search phrase and the “importance” of the site based on an algorithm (formula) determined by Google (or other search engine). These secret algorithms are constantly evolving and being changed so that outguessing them becomes a sort of black art.

Effective web positioning begins with the determination of the most likely search phrases that would be used to find your particular product or service. Search phrases which are too broad are difficult for most businesses as the quantity of results is too large and relevance is low. On the other hand, search phrases which are too restrictive bring too few results. The best search phrases use only one or two words plus any geographic delimiters.

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