Over the past 10 years of servicing personal computers, I have noticed that many, if not most users (business and home) are not aware of some of the most basic concepts for proper use and maintenance of their computers. And these same people are generally from mildly to very dissatisfied with their computer experience.

I have often likened the process of learning to use a personal computer to learning to fly a small aircraft. The amount of knowledge required to operate either properly is about equal in my opinion, but thank goodness computer crashes are not so painful. Most new users are in too big a hurry to do the complicated stuff to take time to learn the basics.

So, here I have collected some topical articles aimed at simplifying and enhancing your computer experience. If you will take a little time to learn and practice these procedures, I assure you an increasingly satisfactory and even fun experience.

Please email me if you have other questions or concerns that I can offer assistance with.